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Team Action Management
Delivering the High Performance Organisation with Team Action Management (TAM)

What is TAM?

TAM is a unique transferable management system that delivers the knowledge, skills and cultural platform to significantly change and enhance the performance of any type of Organisation, working through its Senior Executives and Managers.

It uses the concepts of Fair Play and attracts significant support throughout the entire organisation, uniquely allowing change to coexist with increased performance.

Team Action Management, or TAM, is derived from the original science and patent protected work conducted by the Stanford Research Institute.

It is built on scientific and psychological principles and techniques, with the spin out of the ‘SWOT Analysis’ and the ‘Stakeholder Concepts’, which were authored by the same team.

Why is TAM different?

Not another Performance Management System?
NO, this is very different.

It is the basic underlying building block upon which any operational and developmental activity is built, and is therefore unique.

TAM develops the performance of the Organisation as a whole by inclusive and participative management.

TAM involves everybody, therefore eradicating miscommunication and as a consequence everybody becomes part of the solution and don’t remain part of the problem.

TAM is the fastest developmental change programme on the market, taking just 7 days to complete over 2-3 months.

High energy, High Impact Interventions by your own Managers, taught to use TAM, provides the buy in, the collective responsibility and the positive attitude to get the job done.

TAM engages with your people using a FAIR PLAY system. This leads to 100% support and a positive attitude towards change, where previously you had neither.

TAM has been used in many companies in the UK, USA and Europe, and boasts such clients as:

Wensum Plc
Metal Box
Scottish Health
Rolls Royce
Roche Products
Lyons Tetley
Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service

What does TAM achieve?

It delivers as no other programme can, using the psychology of the process which is based upon procedural logic.

Profits increase and costs are reduced. Within the Public Sector cashable savings are made and efficiencies increased.

It causes the Management Team to have a heightened sense of control of the Organisation.
Management are elevated to developmental roles allowing strategic forward movement and daily operational efficiency to coexist.

It brings the employees into the fold of Management. This allows input from people who normally do not get asked. It creates a positive sense of common responsibility and positive attitudes within the Organisation.

Who should use TAM?

Organisations where:

  1. Where complex rules or relationships exist
  2. Where increased efficiencies, profit or cashable savings are needed through Performance Improvement Programmes
  3. Effective planning is needed to develop the Organisation
  4. A cultural platform is required for effective constant change



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