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Supply Chain Management & Lean Manufacturing
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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management & Lean Manufacturing

Supply Chain Management Objectives - The ultimate goal of an effective supply chain is to gain competitive advantage. The needs of customers both internal and external therefore become paramount in any supply chain management exercise since they will drive the chain’s total cost, service and supplier agility. aim has helped a number of organisations to refocus supply chains and strategic priorities as a result of improved understanding of customer needs.

External and Internal Supply Chains - Supply Chain Management is often confused with procurement improvement or lean manufacturing. Both have their place within the internal supply chain. Externally the extended supply chain will also offer opportunities for gaining competitive advantage. A number of organisations have benefited from aim's experience in this process.

Supply Chains Compete with Supply Chains - Value mapping of the extended supply chain provides information about how the supply chain, behaving as a linked process, might be enhanced to gain competitive advantage. aim has helped a number of organisations map their extended supply chain as part of a strategic planning process.

Procurement - the role of procurement in the management of the supply chain extends beyond traditional purchasing. Mapping suppliers and the determination of the depth of the working relationship, in terms of their strategic importance, provide opportunities for performance improvement and cost management. Similarly suppliers need to be categorised according to their ability to perform in accordance with the needs of customers and the organisation. aim has developed a Supplier Excellence Score Card to assist clients to select and manage strategically important suppliers.

Lean Strategy and Manufacturing Analysis - Responsiveness and efficiency of the organisation itself and ultimately of the extended supply chain have a significant impact on the performance and competitivity of the chain. Issues such as production flexibility, levels of inventory and location, transportation and information play an important role in defining advantage or the lack of it. Management of waste and its elimination provides opportunities for performance and profit improvement. aim business  consultant is an accredited Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) specialist and has a strong track record in delivering performance improvements in manufacturing companies.

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