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Business Mentoring & Coaching
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Business Coaching & Mentoring

Business Executive Coaching & Mentoring
Successful people have a dream and a blue print of the steps required to achieve that success.

Successful people achieve results because they do the right things.

Successful people measure their performance and progress towards their goals.

Sometimes successful people need help……!

  Why Business Coaching and Mentoring?

Investing in our own personal development and accepting support from a colleague, particularly a role model, can be advantageous.

In the sporting context, coach is used in reference to training but in reality it refers to performance improvement.

In business, an executive coach refers to an individual who can create change within another individual. The extent to which the coach draws upon his own experiences determines whether the support is labelled coaching, mentoring, training, consulting or indeed counselling.

  The aim executive coaching & mentoring solution
Business executive coaching is focused on achieving business objectives. Senior executives are required to do more than pay lip service to corporate objectives, cultures and processes. So they need to do things differently. This often means changing the habits of a life time.

Using appropriate solution focused coaching techniques; the coachee/mentee is guided through processes that will achieve the business goals which have been identified at the start of the process.

Executive coaching is about leadership and so it is focused on helping the development of a keen understanding of:

The Purpose of the business leader; to deliver current performance and enable future successes.

The Role of the business leader; to create a sense of purpose & direction by focusing on key business enablers.

The Behaviour required of a business leader; demonstrating integrity, boldness and being a role model.

The Challenge for the business leader; understanding, assessing and responding to the tensions, challenges and conflicts without falling apart.

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