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Performance Improvement and Performance Coaching

Turnaround and Performance Improvement - ABOUTTURNAROUNDS!
Business failures are invariably due to management failure through:
Loss of market share
Over optimism in planning
Imprudent accounting
Erosion of margin
Obsolescence of product / technical failure
Over gearing
Excessive overheads
Lack of working capital & long term finance
… and often leads to the need for swift action to prevent liquidation.

Successful recovery strategies
Asset reduction 93%
Change of management 87%
Financial control 70%
Cost reduction 63%
Debt restructuring 53%
Improved marketing 50%
Organisational changes 47%
Product/market changes 40%
Investment 30%
Growth via acquisition 30%

aim's business consultant will take instructions from the client (bank, shareholder or director) to carry out a diagnostic strategy review, and develop an action plan as follows:

The Quick Fix. Short term analysis focused on cash and how to achieve stability.

The Initial Action Plan. Reduce borrowings and generate a short term profits improvement plan. It will be important to look at forward visibility of cash flows and maintain cost reduction and stock reductions as appropriately determined by the core business requirements.

The Business Strategy Review. A programme of client workshops, customer surveys and agreed actions to get management on board and focussed on strategic business planning.


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