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AIM and TAM join forces

About-turn Interim management Ltd is proud to announce that it has become a TAM Master Practitioner.

AIM specialises in strategic interventions and has recognised that failure in planning (less than 20% of organisations successfully implement their strategic plans) is a major cause of poor performance in companies. TAM, whose pedigree in organisational development through effective planning stretches back to the 1960s, complements AIM’s existing strategic planning toolbox.

Team Action Management (TAM) is a unique management tool based on original science, proven psychological principles and patent protected work which is specifically designed to fill the strategic planning gap between the chief executive and the rest of the organisation.

Purchasing a licence allows the client to use the TAM product over and over again to develop the organisation. TAM regularly achieves 35% performance improvement which increases profitability with reduced costs.

By engaging everyone through fostering a sense of fairplay and with a heightened sense of control, TAM delivers change quickly. TAM is the fastest developmental change programme on the market taking just seven days to complete over a period of 2 to 3 months attracting significant support throughout the organisation uniquely allowing change to co exist with increased performance.

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